Truffle Butter (Fresh)

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Fresh Truffle Butter, available in glass jars of 80 g 180 g 500 g, is a delicate and versatile condiment, to be used in place of normal cooking butter whenever you want to prepare a tasty dish based on truffles. Suitable for the preparation of any recipe, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

In the kitchen: excellent, alone or mixed with mascarpone, to spread on hot bread croutons, to prepare canapés, bruschetta or to enrich your appetizers. To be heated in a pan for a few minutes or used raw in curls, to season dry or fresh pasta dishes; ideal for whipping risotto, adding it at the end of cooking. Perfect to spread alone or in sauce even on meat main courses (See recipe: Scallops with Truffle Butter) and fish; melt on vegetables and pizzas. If used raw on croutons, canapés or bruschetta, we recommend removing it from the fridge a few minutes beforehand to make it soften. Recommended dose: 15/20 gr per person.

Storage: in the fridge.

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80 GR, 250 GR, 500 GR

keep in a cold and dry place


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