Gluten-free mushrooms and truffles



The Mushroom and Truffle Cream, available in 180gr glass jars, combines the enveloping taste of mushroom sauce with the refined flavor of truffle cream in a single product. Excellent for cooking many recipes based on truffles and mushrooms.

How to cook the Mushroom and Truffle Cream: to be cooked concentrated, (without adding other ingredients) or in olive oil, or cream according to taste. Slightly heat the absolute or diluted cream and use it as a condiment directly on first courses, second courses of meat (See Recipe: Chicken Escalopes with Mushroom and Truffle Cream), pizzas, bruschetta or croutons. Excellent as a filling for ravioli, omelettes and meats.

The recommended dose is 20/25 grams per person.

How to store the Mushroom and Truffle Cream: before opening, store in a dry place. Once opened, cover with olive oil, close the jar and keep in the fridge for a few days.

keep in a cold and dry place


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